The Top Model of Universe® Brand has been registered by the Turkish Patent Institute Trademarks Office and its legal rights are protected. The brand is registered in the 41st occupational class with the number 2022 / 128788. The event and promotion organization of the brand is carried out by reputable MEDYA PR companies.

Ali Durgut
Founder & President

Ali Durgut graduated from Izmir Dokuz Eylul University. He worked in various airlines like Turkish Airlines, Atlasglobal, Air France, etc. as a senior manager. He is the founder and leader of the Turkish Eurovision fan club.

Ali Durgut is the project director of the Turkish National Model Contest. Also, he is the founder of the Top Model of Universe contest, in which he is a patent holder.ess. He is proud to be a part
of the competition Top Model of Universe.

Hind Joudar

Oriental Fashion Show

The Oriental Fashion Show is the first international fashion event dedicated to Couture and Eastern fashion. Established in Paris and organized in 10 other countries, it has been working for 15 years to transform traditional fashion, filled with symbolic meaning and history, into modern trends oriented to the international market with good strategic positioning.
Throughout its many productions, the Oriental Fashion Show has been successful in promoting more than 100 designers from 50 different countries and pursues its commitment to fashion designers and culture.

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