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Top Model of Universe was held in Istanbul!

Top Model of Universe was selected in Istanbul!

Ali Durgut, who has been the president of Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1996, carried his experience in Europe to the podium this time. Male and female models from 35 countries participated in the competition, whose patent and all rights belong to Ali Durgut.

The entire jury of the competition is made up of celebrities. Half of the 12-person jury was chosen internationally. Famous fashion designer Uğurkan Erez from Turkey, Kanal D General Manager Murat Saygı, actress Wilma Elles, artist Hazal and competition president Ali Durgut, and fashion designers from Algeria, Morocco, Italy, Azerbaijan, India and Lebanon were among the juries. They selected the Top Model of Universe.

In the final, which was held in one of the most elegant venues in Istanbul, the most important names of the high society participated as guests. All models sweated to be the winner in the competition, hosted by the famous actors Bekir Aksoy, Yasmin Gülman and Mehmet Yıldırım.

The most crucial moment of the night was the commemoration of the young girl killed in Iran recently. Female models protested this situation with a magnificent scenario and cut their hair on the podium. This scene, where the audience applauded standing up, also made a lot of noise on social media.

SPR Media (Semra Türk), Stage Lighting YACO Event (Yalçın Çelik) took part in the choreography (Asil Çağıl) in the organization.

Electronic voting was used in the competition.

Female 👑
1 Türkiye
2 Netherland
3 Russia
4 Suriname
5 Serbia

Male 👑
1 Morocco
2 Democratic Republic of the Congo
3 Türkiye
4 Philippines
5 India


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