Top Model Of Turkey 2023

Top Model of Turkey 2023 Winners!

The final of Top Model Of Turkey, which shines its star in the sector with the claim of being the highest quality and ambitious competition in Turkey, was held in Istanbul.

The competition aims to bring new names to fashion and television. The competition was presented by Bircan Bali, a famous and successful name in television, and Mehmet Yıldırım, the project director of the competition. Celebrities such as Wilma Elles and Tuğba Özay took part in the competition jury.

The most important feature of the competition was that the jury members voted openly in the presence of a notary public. The votes were shown to the audience. The audience was surprised by this application, which was made for the first time in the history of Turkey. The jury held up the papers containing the scores and showed them to the audience. It was hoped that this practice, which was made for the first time in Turkey, can set an example for other competitions.

The audience supported the votes, which were used openly under the supervision of the Beyoğlu 40 Notary, with applause.

Ali Durgut, the founding president of the competition, said, “Our aim is to be the highest quality, honest and fair competition in Turkey. ” We wanted no one to doubt, thus we have made a clear scoring,” he said.

Asil Çağıl choreographed the competition.

Based on the results of the competition, the models stated below will represent Turkey in international competitions and fashion shows.

Results (1st lines for women, 2nd lines for men)

Top Models Of Turkey
Beste Tuğçe Viran
Oğuz Alp Güney

2nd place
Simay Alp
Çağrı Baylan

3rd place
Burcu Altunsaray
Barış Öngel

4th place
Deniz Eser
Eren Şentürk

5th place
Beyzanur Muriç
Doruk Demirci

Top Popularity (Public vote: This result is equivalent to fifth place)
Pinar Özdemir
Doğuhan Özyurt

Mert Yalçın
Deniz Eser

Top Face
İdil Karakuş
Davut Doğan

Top Photomodel
Sibel Kaçan
Umut Çelik

Top Charm
İclal Okur
Mert Karabıyık

Top Promising
Afra Yıldırım
Kaan Eren

Top Physics
Aleyna Kandamar
Şevket Can Gündoğan

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